Nike Distribution Warehouse Fit Out







Nike’s brand-new distribution center represented a significant milestone in their commitment to seamless supply chain operations. This state-of-the-art facility was strategically positioned to serve as the nerve center for the distribution of Nike’s extensive range of products across the entirety of Australia, as well as reaching out to key markets in several parts of Asia.

The scale and complexity of this project called for a partner with a proven track record in construction management, and that’s where RPLCON entered the picture. With our extensive experience in managing large-scale projects, we were entrusted with the critical task of overseeing the construction and coordination of this cutting-edge distribution center.

RPLCON took great pride in being part of this transformative project, working hand in hand with Nike to ensure that their vision became a reality. Our construction management services were tailored to align with Nike’s objectives, focusing on quality, efficiency, and timely delivery.